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Scholar Enrichment Program

While primary school in Tanzania is free at a public school, there are still costs to cover, such as uniforms and school shoes, textbooks, school supplies, and school lunches.  Many families living in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area have no source of income as pastoralists other than to sell livestock.  Kiretono steps in to enable children to continue their education by providing the funds needed to cover these costs for pastoralist girls selected into our Scholar Enrichment Program.  

Kiretono Resource Organization Scholar Enrichment Program mentors upper primary school students from Ngorongoro.  During special workshops and field trips that incorporate health, leadership and life skills training, the girls are helped to make the challenging transition from primary school (taught in Swahili) to boarding secondary school (taught in English and most times great distances from home). By providing the girls a support network emphasizing the importance of education to their future, they are able to excel. 

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